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The Capital Area Budokai (CAB) practice facility or dojo, where the Virginia Kyudo Renmei held its kyudo practice is now closed.  The CAB has ended its lease on this facility and is pursuing another one at a location close by. A decision is expected soon.  Request you check this webpage for an announcement.  Also, if you are interested in practicing kyudo request you go ahead and submit the form below so we can send you the announcement.

Visitors are welcome to our practices, but suggest you send us a message using the form below  before attending because the schedule is subject to change. 


If you decide to seriously pursue the practice of Kyudo, we have sufficient equipment (bow, arrows and gloves) that can be used until you decide to purchase your own.


Information on the fees and forms for joining the VKR can be found at the Capital Area Budokai webpage at:

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